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A Year Later is a site devoted to products and ideas that are useful and reliable. Every day we are bombarded with recommendations, marketing pitches and general advice, all aimed at getting us to buy things that we’re not quite sure if we actually need. Ever wonder if the people selling you these products have actually used them? Me too.

With that in mind all the products written about have been used consistently for a minimum of one year, mostly have been purchased for at least a second time and can be recommended. These reviews will included things about the product that is most liked and what may not be liked.  You will also find out what problem was trying to solved by purchasing it and where the product can be purchased now.  This is not limited to personal care products. From kitchen appliances to clothes to toiletries, I am determined to share the best products I have discovered over the years.

If you have any comments or recommendations, please feel free to send them my way! Please send your comments and recommendations. Just keep in mind, whatever you recommend needs to have been used for at least a year before passing it on.