The King of Jura’s (coffee anyone?)

My coffee maker can tell you how many cups of coffee it has produced in its life time, can yours? Calling this machine a “coffee maker” could very well be an insult.  Perhaps coffee machine or the far more sexy literal French translation of machine à expresso.  Bottom line is that my coffee machine rocks.

We first came across this marvel of modern science, AKA a Capresso now branded as Jura coffee machine, while traveling in Europe.  We were staying with friends in  Switzerland.  Each morning we would push the button and out came one glorious cup of espresso just the way each one of us like it.  Mine not quite espresso strength and his a double.  We had to have one for ourselves.  This single machine ended years of marital l strife over AM coffee.  This moment of clarity was 15 years ago.  Since then we have owned a base model and after an issue with a water seal we traded in (yes traded in) for the Impressa E8 model we currently have.  This is the machine one has made the over 9,000 cups of coffee.

What is great about these machines is that it grinds the beans for each cup.  You can make two cups at a time or one large one or one small one.  Just pick the number of ounces you want to make.  You can steam milk and heat hot water.  It’s like having a personal barista.  I often joke that the only thing it does not do is mulch the lawn.

Other features that have endeared this machine to me is the fact that it is quick to heat up, flashes a message when it needs to be cleaned and turns itself off after an hour after it made it last cup of java.

I do not think they make my model any longer but they have plenty of models to choose from.  Some can be attached to water sources, some keep milk chilled until you need it.  I can go on and on.  My advice is it to pick features that you actually think you will need.  For instance do you make so many cappuccinos so frequently that you need to have a milk chiller?

For any coffee person these machines are one of life’s great pleasures,

What you will like best about this is that brews so fast.  It does everything pretty fast.  What you will make you take a step back is the price.  These are expensive by some standards.  It has been a great investment and one of those things that makes me happy!

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