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What Time is it?

File this under things that make me happy. Isn’t it always the little things that make you the happiest? While I love jewelry, spa days, and new cars as well as the next girl, one of my favorite things is a clock. Not just any clock, mind you, but the super-duper atomic Oregon Scientific projection clock. When I did a web search on the term “projection clocks,” Amazon shot back a 5-star rating with over 5,300 consumer ratings. While all these comments were not about my model, they were all about a CLOCK. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my singular devotion to this type of clock. It’s loyal, consistent, needs little to no attention as long as it is dusted periodically.  In my opinion everyone needs one.

I love this clock because I never have to turn over to figure out what time it is. Instead of tossing and turning over to verify that it is 3AM. I just look up. And there, slightly off to the right of my bedroom ceiling is the time. It has all sorts of ways to adjust the projection display to get it in just the right position based on your personal preferences. Mine is positioned so I need only move my eyes.

I love this clock because it updates the time automatically. I really hate resetting clocks when the electricity goes out or when the time changes due to daylight savings. Remember when it was it was easier to put tape over the LCD light on the microwave than to reset it? My version of the projection clock has a feature that auto updates. I no longer have to press down one button with one hand while pressing on the appropriate hour or minute button with the other to reset the time. I no longer have to fear going past my target time only having to repeat the process while holding down those little buttons.  Freedom from time resets, I think this should be classified as a small miracle.

I love this clock because it was a gift – actually to my husband. Thanks Larry and Sherri.

5,300 plus Amazon buyers cannot be wrong. I thought I was nuts that I was so attached to this devise.  Once I mentioned this clock in casual cocktail conversation… the next two hours were spent with people commenting on how much they hated the clock currently gracing their bed side. It is just a clock for God’s sake, still every time I use it I smile, it makes me happy.

For all you people out there that need some good gift ideas, a signature gift or a go to gift… try this one. Do not worry if the gift recipient looks at you oddly; once they use it they will be hooked.