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Keep My Face Smooth

My face is important to me. Looking for the best way to care for it has become a major line item in my shopping budget. I have used various and vast numbers of products they over the last 5 plus years.  While I have liked a lot of them, not everything was worth a second try or sticking with it for over a year.   The Daily Microfoliant® was one product that stuck to stick and Dermalogica is a great brand.

I first was exposed to the Daily Microfoliant® product while getting a facial.  I have sensitive skin due to a mild case of roscea and allergies. At the same time my skin can dry out easily and have lots of light flaking. Fortunately I ran into an esthetician that recognized my issues and chose the Microfoliant® instead of a harsher exfoliate as part of the facial she was giving me. The end results were more than good. It smoothed my face and neck and thus made my skin look brighter.

You have to love products where you can see the results and the results meet your expectations. This product is easy to use.  You can apply it wet with your fingers or with a cloth. Fingers are my applicator of choice. It rinses off easily, leaving softer, smoother skin. I use it weekly more often in the winter if needed.

Like most products of this type it has a large professional following. You can buy it through an esthetician, on line or at better beauty supply stores. What this also means is that it never goes on sale and is exempt from most store coupon discounts. It appears that Dermalogica is so proud of it that the word microfoliant® is a registered trademark. I do not think you would confuse this product for any other.   I guess the trademark makes it a little more exclusive looking. I would buy it with or without the trademark.

What you will like about it is the results, what you may not like about it is the fact it comes as a powder that you have to mix in your palm but do not let that stop you from giving it a try.