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Smooth to the Touch

We’re all on a search for the right lotion – one that doesn’t leave a greasy residue once, even after spending 10 minutes trying to work it into your skin. While I still haven’t found the right lotion for the rest of my skin, I have found that nothing is quite like AVEDA’s hand relief lotion.

Last year, I was gifted a three pack of this amazing hand moisturizer, and it’s been all I can do to keep people from swiping it in the office or at home. One dab of this miracle moisturizer, as I like to call it, is all you need to make your hands feel renewed and soft. Best of all, it doesn’t leave an annoying grease residue on my hands as well as my things.

While the price to size ratio is a bit out of my budget, its healing powers have justified the money spent. I’ll cross my fingers that I’ll receive it as another present this year, but if not – it will be in my medicine cabinet, office space, and purse all the same.