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Colorful Nails for Days

Ever since I was a little girl, sleepovers were spent by painting nails, watching Mary Kate & Ashley films, and raiding my mother’s makeup. Now that I’m older, girls nights in are spent a little differently. Wine has replaced my mother’s makeup drawer and gossip has taken over the loveable Olsen twins. Yet one thing has stayed the same – my friends and I still do our nails.

And nine times out of ten my polish of choice will be Sinful Colors.

While cheaper polish brands struggle with producing a product that has poor consistency and duration compared to expensive brands, such as Essie or OPI, one thing will always remain true: they all chip eventually.

So why spend eight dollars for a polish when you can get the same color and quality for two?

My nail polish collection ranges from dollar finds to the more expensive brands, but for the past two years I have given my loyalty to Sinful Colors. While their assortment of colors isn’t that of more prominent brands, each season brings a new array of hues accompanied with the classics.

As a person who isn’t able to go get manicures on a weekly basis, I rely on Sinful Colors to help me look as polished and vibrant as I feel. While I do like color selection the expensive brands have to offer, I would rather use that eight dollars to buy myself some variety. I’m just not a one-color-polish type of personality.

So if you’re looking for quality and variety in your polish collection, give Sinful Colors a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Tip: No nail polish, which ever you choose to buy, will stay well if you do not invest in a good top coat. My favorite? Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Strengthening Top Coat.