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Look Like a Superstar

I had spent months – nay, years – looking for the perfect leave-in conditioner for my hair. Some left too much of a residue while others made my hair even heavier than it is normally. But then, one Christmas, my mother gave me arguably one of the best stocking-stuffers I have ever received: Bed Head’s Superstar.

There are a multitude of reasons why I love this product. First off, it comes in a spray form, so there’s no getting any excess product on your hands – leaving you with that sticky feeling. Second, it not only protects my hair, but de-tangles it. As someone who likes to keep their hair long but is also burdened by thickness, I cannot overstate how great it is just to spray this product and not worry about chunks of hair coming out when I brush.

This product leaves nothing behind and protects your hair the way a conditioner should, leaving you with nothing but a silky smooth feeling and confidences that you look like a Superstar.