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Let’s Go to the Beach

There’s nothing quite like having those wavy locks after spending the day in the sun and sand – and there are few ways to successfully get the beach look without actually going to the beach. While Sun-In is a popular way to make your hair lighter, like you’ve been in the sun and at the beach all summer – nothing quite compares to the waves you get from Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

To preface this post, my hair is naturally wavy – but not in the ways I would like. It poofs. It frizzes. And it’s anything but the waves I would get when I used to live by the beach. So, in my mission to regain those salty locks that I love so dearly, I have been on a mission to find the best texturizing spray possible – and I believe I have found it.

Spraying the sea salt spray into damp hair on it’s own will naturally give you those waves like you’ve just come from the ocean, if you’re naturally wavy like me that is. If your hair is of a more straight nature, you will have to work the product in more in a crimping like fashion. Regardless, this spray will take your hair from winter to full blown beach-tastic summer.